‘We believe that the early years are really important in building a child’s future.  We, like most parents, want the best for our children.  We are fortunate to have been able to send both of our children to Dale House School.  We are pleased with their progress both academically and in extracurricular activities.  The small class sizes, individual attention, excellent teachers and caring staff during late clubs and holiday clubs makes Dale House School unique.  We are grateful for the school staff to have imbibed good values and discipline to our children, shaping their personality for the future. A big thank you to all the staff at Dale House School.’


‘Dale House School is an excellent school.  We feel this has given Luke confidence and excellent grades throughout his time there.  As parents, one of the things that attracted us to the school was the small class sizes the friendly staff and the attitude to discipline and high standards of behaviour throughout the school.’


‘What a wonderful school!  My son Alex was a pupil at this school for five years. He is about to leave but will take with him some very happy memories. Thank you Dale House School!  Thank you all the staff past and present!  You have made my son’s early school memories happy ones.’


‘I am happy to say that Rooman’s time at Dale House School has proved beneficial with regards to the foundations of his education and contribution to building his character.  Rooman has become a polite, friendly and energetic individual thanks to the lively, warm atmosphere.  I would recommend Dale House School to any parents looking to send their children to a first class school supported by the reliable team behind it. Thank you from all the family and we wish the school all the more success in the future.’


‘Evan joined Dale House at the age of 2 and has spent nearly four years with you.  In that time, I have seen huge progress.  He loved it in the nursery and the teachers were very kind and caring towards him.  His learning was clearly down to the hard work and care from the teachers.  They were attentive to Evans needs.  Evan joined “the big school” and his progress has been tremendous.

Your patience towards Evan and one-to-one lessons has helped Evan.  Evan has had a lot of traumas for such a little boy of 5 and a half, but he felt secure in your care.  His speech and writing is advanced for his age.  From a shy, little boy, he is now  sociable, outgoing, and willing to learn and wants to learn.  He wants to help others and is kind to others – a credit to you.  He will miss you all very much; he has made some special friends.  Thank you.’


‘Catherine has spent a very happy four years at Dale House School.  From the first day she arrived she felt welcome and safe.  As parents, we have always felt extremely confident that Catherine was in good hands while at the School. The educational standards were, as expected, very high in all the National Curriculum areas, Catherine did incredibly well in her SAT results, and the additional subjects you teach, the music, drama, French, craft etc.. just enhance the whole package.

You really want all the children to achieve their best and that shows. What really is worthy to  note, and I think that this is unique to the school, is the family atmosphere you foster and the values and standards that you teach and expect: empathy, sharing, right from wrong, good manners and politeness.  These all feature so highly within Dale House that all children there are an absolute credit to you.

There is a real community feeling within the school with all parents having similar views and the desire for the best possible education for their children, it does feel like a family and we were very sorry to leave that behind.

The attention given to Catherine both academically and personally by everyone in Dale House has helped to shape her in to a happy confident girl she is today and this has been proved by the ease which she has adapted to her new school.

Catherine has asked me to tell you that she misses you all, that all the lessons were ‘really exciting and interesting’ and that she has made some great friends there which she feels she will have forever.

We would (and do!) recommend Dale House to everyone we know and shall continue to do so.

Thank you again for all you have done, we wish you all the best for the future.


We are extremely pleased with Adrian’s continued improvement in all areas.  Over recent months we have seen Adrian develop greatly, especially in terms of maturity and responsibility.  His positive attitude to learning is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff at Dale House.  Thank you for making my son a lovely young man, who is confident and able.


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