Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Dale House Independent School

Ruby Street, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 8HL

“Luceat lux Vestra”
“Let your light shine”

The Mission of Dale House Independent School is to
educate its pupils in a caring, lively, rich and welcoming
educational environment, by…..

Giving respect, compassion and generosity to all.

Cherishing, guiding and developing those entrusted to our care.

Providing the highest standards of education; ensuring that
all individuals are valued and helped according to their needs,
accepted for their 
strengths and weaknesses, and encouraged
to fulfil their 
potential at school, at home and in society.

Providing a school community which encourages each
to grow in confidence and friendship.

Living the message of Christ in school and community through
our faith and worship, so as to develop a partnership of
teachers, pupils, 
families and the wider community.

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