Key Stage 1

Lower School Year 1/2 Class

Friendly, vibrant, welcoming and settled – this is where pupils are encouraged in a more independent routine.  For pupils aged 5 to 7 we provide structured learning in the core subjects of English, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science.  This is balanced with a wide range of creative activities such as Drama, French, etc.  Pupils, again, can join in the many school clubs provided after school.

Welcome to Year 1/2

A warm welcome awaits the pupils in Year 1/2, an exciting first step into Key Stage 1.  Now the pupils are ready to follow a more independent school routine and they begin to take on more responsibilities.  Every pupil is encouraged to participate fully in their own learning through creative activities, role play and educational visits.  Their learning is enhanced with the use of interactive smart-boards, supported by lessons in the Computer Suite.

Year 2 is an exciting and challenging year.  The focus of our year group is consolidating all the learning done so far through previous years and preparing pupils for the demands of the Junior Department.  As the oldest children, Year 2 act as role models for the younger children and set a good example both in work and play.  Pupils progress from year 2 with a sense of achievement into the next Key Stage and we work closely with Key Stage 2 to ensure a smooth transition.

We prepare pupils to confidently approach their end of Key Stage assessments and tests and ensure a balance between delivering the curriculum and offering pupils a wider range of experiences, including trips, cooking, sewing and working on laptop computers.

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