Come and join our school family.  Happy, bright, warm and engaging – this is where our pupils begin their school career.  For children aged 2-5 years we provide a curriculum which lays down solid foundations for future learning.  We nurture our pupils through daily routines and offer a wide curriculum of play, art, music, games, reading, writing and early maths.

Foundation Stage – Nursery and Prep Classes (age 2 to 4 years)

Children develop skills through activities such as painting, model making, construction and outdoor play.  Each session is a balance of structured own-choice and adult led activities.  In group times, children are taught literacy and numeracy skills.

Our daily routine is very important.  We ensure that children are engaged in an exciting way which includes reading, writing, early maths, music, art and celebrations of all kinds.

Throughout the year we look at the changing seasons, ourselves and our families, pets and mini-beasts.  We also plan special activities for the children at different times of the year, for example a Teddy-Bears Picnic and a trip to the theatre.

Foundation Stage – Transition Class (age 4 to 5 years)

Our Transition class is the equivalent of a Reception class in the state school system.

Pupils enjoy playing and learning together in a class group with their teacher and support assistant.  The pupils experience structured learning which balances academic and creative activities, both indoors and outdoors.  Their learning is enhanced with interactive smart-boards, supported by lessons in the Computer Suite.

The Early Years Curriculum draws on the National Curriculum for Key Stage One children.

Children work on a core of phonics, reading, handwriting, creative English, and Mathematics work.  They also begin Drama and French lessons.  At the same time they develop their social and expressive skills of working in groups and taking turns in all the areas of experience.  Pupils can also join a number of after school clubs, such as Art, Drama, Music, Board Games, Physical Games, Football, Art Craft & Textiles, Chess, etc.

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